H.D.P.E. Pipe Plant

H.D.P.E. Pipe Plant


  • Extruder
  • Die
  • Sizer
  • Cooling tank
  • Catter Pillar
  • Winder


  •   This Contains screw & barrel both are made from E.N.-4113 nitride & hardcrome plated for long life.
  • Screw is fitted on a suitable heavy thrust housing with thrust & roller bearing to with stand thurst pressure(helical gear box).
  • Screw is divided into three zone
    1. Freezone
    2. Compression zone
    3. metering zone
  • Water circulating jacket is provided in feeding zone to control the barrel temperature.


  • Die-head is fitted square flange which is weld on die.
  • Die-part is made from suitable material & hardcore plated.
  • Arrangement is given for opening & closing the die through hinges & 1 bolts for cleaning the die.
  • For heavy weight die the die stand is provided to open & close the die-head.


  • H.D.P.E. sizer is made from S.S. 304. sizer is fitted on the end of the die for accurate pipe size.

Cooling Tank:-

  • Water cooling tank stand is fabricated from mild steel.
  • S.S. tank(10 foot long) is mounted on folding stand for up-down water tank & adjust the require center


  • This unit is used to pull the pipe and equipped with specially designed rubber pulling belts. Adjustable gap device is equipped to adjust the gap between two belts. D.C. motor of 2 H.P. capacity is coapled through suitable reduction gear box to drive the belts.


  • Manually winder is used to wind the pipe and make a koyal.


  • Electrical mica bend heater is used which is made S.S to S.S.

Control Pannel:-

  • Digital temperature controllers is used to control the temperature on barrel & die.