scrap grinder

Scrap Grinder

  • Heavy duty scrape grinder
  • Small(light) grinder

Heavy Duty Scrap Grinder

  • The Scrap Grinder are commonly used by almost all polymers processing industries like
    • Extrusion process
    • Injection moduling
    • Blow molding
    • Roto molding
  • The Scrap Grinder are used to reduce the space to store the volumetric rejected articles for storing & transporting subsequent process in form of compact packing to handle conveniently.
  • Scrape Grinder body is made of mild steel in one peace. In heavy duty scrape grinder rotter three blades are provided & two blades are fix in body.
  • For cleaning the scrape grinder folding met(M.S.) is provided.
  • 20 H.P. Motor is used in scrape grinder.

Small Grinder

  • Light duty scrape grinder is made from M.S. Body
  • Small grinder is suitable to grind feed system in injection molding, waste/defect article.